Landscape sketching school on iPad
with Ekaterina Schulze

We are drawing realistic sketches, combining photo and hand made graphic



All lessons with complete follow-up of Ekaterina Schulze

570 / complete course

  • Complete course contains 40 lessons
  • Author brushes for paving and coatings
  • Author brushes for hand made graphics of trees from Varvara Dokshina
  • The package of lessons with unique landscape technique for creating landscapes from Daria Vendina
  • Unlimited access
  • Lesson about creating your own unique brushes for landscape
  • Additional package of 3 lessons about creating master layout in Procreate
  • Follow up and checking homework within 24 hours
  • Invitation to annual landscape meeting in March (Moscow)
  • Certificate of course attendance

About tariff : feedback system and complete follow-up will help you to become landscapist with complete set of skills and tools. After completing the course you will become owner of your unique plant’s library.



Homeworks are being checked by supervisor. Lessons № 5, 14, 26 and 37 will be checked by Ekaterina Schulze.

390 / complete course

  • Complete course contains 40 lessons
  • Author brushes for paving and coatings
  • Author brushes for hand made graphics of trees from Varvara Dokshina
  • Unlimited access
  • Additional package of 3 lessons about creating master layout in Procreate
  • Follow up and checking homework within 48 hours
  • Certificate of course attendance

About tariff : feedback system and follow-up by supervisor and Ekaterina will help you to become landscapist with complete set of skills and tools.


Buying tariff Profi you get 10 lessons of Daria Vendina’s for 130$ unique landscape graphics and learn how to draw lively sketches like this

The price for course of landscape sketching includes 25 original brushes for paving and 3 lessons about creating master-plan in Procreate

For whom will be useful?

For landscape designers and architects, for students of landscape high schools and courses, for visualisers and also for those who are interested in landscape design and ways of representing their ideas. Everyone can draw in IPAD!!!

What will we get from the course?

Learn how to draw amazing sketches, improve the level of representing your ideas and projects, combine modern technologies and hand made graphics.

Inventory - iPad, Apple Pencil, stylus and application Procreate in App Store.

Acquaintance and general principles of program Procreate (iOS)

Lesson 1

Import and export the photo and sketches, we will study basic brushes and practices, which we are using in this course, and also layers and hatching

Draw the fragment of garden in perspective

Lesson 2

We will use basic tools and ink/ pencil graphics

Textures for plants

Lesson 3

We will discuss the textures for plants and landscape environment with plants groups and apply learnt tools

Sketch with group of plants

Lesson 4

By the example of situational photo we will draw the sketch with group of plants, stones and paving, background plan and front plan, and also we’ll thoroughly draw focus of composition *lesson with follow up and comments of course author

We continue working with front plan

Lesson 5

We continue working with front plan, we’ll draw street furniture and fountain, we’ll intensify efforts with own and cast shadow *lesson with follow up and comments of course author

With demonstration of all sketches and album structure of conception stage

Lesson 6

We’ll consider project representation in the stage of sketch conception from well-known french landscape architect Jean Muse

8 lessons about seasons

Lessons 7-14

We will draw all seasons for one garden, we’ll apply all consolidate skills and also we’ll learn the techniques which will show individual characteristics of each plant

About cascades, ponds and waterfalls!

Lessons 15-17

We will draw landscapes with ponds and nature cascades, water plants and stones, we’ll build water garden in perspective, draw water projectors

Garden on roof

Lessons 18-26

We’ll draw from plan the garden on roof, then elevate the garden in perspective in one and two vanishing points, work with graphics, plants and coatings, also draw people and objects in landscape

Private residence from plan

Lessons 27-30

We’ll draw landscape for private residence from plan, work with far point of perspective and different angles

Park landscape

Lessons 31-33

Sketch of park landscape with large scale in different techniques

Working on your idea or project

Lessons 34-37

We will work on your idea and project: I will be drawing my current project and I will offer you to work on your idea and we will correct it together in frames of technique «Lively sketching» or you can draw with me!

Paving and coating in landscape

Lessons 38-40

Paving and coating in landscape, and also elaborate work on joints for landscape elements.


After all, we sum up the results of basic course and compare our progress starting from the first lesson.


The knowledge to convey your idea quickly in scale, real space and with your unique technique

570 / complete course

  • You will use procreate functions confidently
  • You will master the skills of landscape sketching easily

about course of landscape sketching

Just have a look


with our technique esketching


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Feedback of student

Daria Vendina

I am into landscape projecting for 6 years🌿and for more than 2 years I am drawing sketches🎨 I’ve been always dreaming about uniting my two big loves, but did not know how😌 And finally the universe heard me and occasionally I came across the profile of Ekaterina Schulze😍 And I could not leave anymore😌 The graphics of Ekaterina seems like breathing, seems like alive - pure and vivid like the nature itself..😌 At any stage of landscape project representation such solution is ideal🙏🏻 Now I am doing the course of Ekaterina and I cannot describe by words the pleasure I am getting from the process😌🎨🌿Thank you @ekaterina_schulze for sharing your knowledge with us🙏🏻😌 😌

Feedback of student

Olga Kocherzhuk

Recently I’ve started thinking about education in its high sense. Some people necessarily need sensei, but some people say that we can learn from elderly people, butterflies, cats and herbs (especially from herbs). Personally I think that the second way is difficult, approximately same as to search for information in huge library without a catalogue: there is everything but you will hardly be able to dig something out. That is why it is more convenient with teacher, and of course the time will be saved greatly. ⠀ ⠀ In case with teacher, you can just observe him, look attentively and listen, how he is organizing the lecture and fulfills this or another activity. Yes, but this is still not apprenticeship, because the real education is about involvedness. You give your brain for a rent in return for knowledge and teacher will return your uplifted and boosted brain afterwards. ⠀ Now it seems to me that all my past drawing life was just preparation for meeting with Ekaterina Schulze. All skills, knowledges and competences have been acquired before so that to be put together and transformed into such wonderful sketches. They are fairly realistic, fairly graphic. ⠀ And if even you have knowledge about program interface not from ground zero it seems like you understand how to do everything but still with every lesson you open something new for yourself. Funny as it may appear, but my discovery was eraser and pencil first of all. I did not use press force, tilt angle while working with eraser. I was used to adjust size and transparency with the help of scroll box, like fool, honestly speaking... What was stopping me to use Apple Pencil in full swing - not clear! And pencil? God, what an amazing vivid dynamic line the usual pencil can give. Miracles are just around! ⠀ ⠀ Inexplicable nature of calm is hidden in Katya’s voice which takes hold of you every time when you are listening to her lessons. In one word it’s just meditation. Very useful advantage from Katya - that apart from detailed comments to each work, she also provides discussion of homeworks online in a live discussion.

Feedback of student

Irina Olenicheva

«Now while completing the course of landscape sketching of Ekaterina Schulze I am leaving my feedback with pleasure. I am absolutely thrilled by the course!!! Tasks are adjusted for different levels of knowledge, including beginners. But even designers and project developers, who are constantly at the stage of improving their graphic skills, will appreciate the course!!! Absolutely all tasks I was doing "in one breath". The process is so much captivating that you would like to draw more and more. Also I liked the variety of lessons. There are gardens in blossom, but there are also completely graphic lessons, there are also lessons for representing water objects in landscape - ponds of natural and geometric shape. And for me, as for architect, the lessons for creating garden on roof were like celebration!!! That is why I recommend 100%.

Feedback of student

Evgeniya Safonova

I came to your course by a chance, on someone's recommendation. After looking through the works I understood that I just need it! Interesting representation, combination of photos and drawing seemed to me as something unusual. I've literally fell in love with picture! I think that everyone wants to know how to draw like this! And I almost know it. Online course has been planned very conveniently, any time you can watch it, and also you can't pass all lessons thoughtlessly at once, but you have to fulfill task first. So, I still have long way ahead to learn and also a lot of pleasure, and this is exactly enjoyment. I will certainly pass complete course! Ekaterina you are smart, thank you! Don't forget to warn your new students that your lessons cause addiction!!!

Test lesson free of charge

Attend first lesson and draw this picture with me

We will draw together this summer corner with sofa. We will draw summer composition with plants, soft outdoor sofa and flowerpot.

About me

Ekaterina Schulze

Landscape architect, delivered more than 30 landscapes starting from conception stage and finishing with ready garden, founder and partner of YasenLandscapeGroup - graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute with specialization Landscape architecture under the guidance of Kvasov Alexander Fedorovich in 2003.

Starting from school years Ekaterina spent a lot of time in arboretum «South Cultures» and «Dendrarium» which is in Sochi, and also all plein-airs in frames of Sochi School of Art were dedicated to botanical subject. Tropical cultures and rich botanical collections of Sochi parks defined the choice of Future profession. The first professional steps after architectural academy Ekaterina started in architectural firm of Milorad Knezevic where she was engaged into projecting, municipal improvement and gardening of territory, facades of buildings and roofs in apartment complex "Novaya Alexandria" in Sochi.

Since 2005, as part of company "ProjectStroyEngineering" she was leading landscape group of projecting and realizing private and public territories (residential complex «Gilyarovskogo, 55», territory of residential complex «Trekhgorny val 14» , private gardens in cottage villages «club 2071» Moscow District and «Pokrovskoe-Rubzovo» Istrinsky District).

In 2012 she opened «YasenGroup» company in collaboration with the biggest producer of plant material on territory of Spain PlantaNova and close cooperation with nursery garden helped to make the process of projecting and realization more flexible and operative.

Ekaterina is interested in aquarel graphics and regularly attends plein-airs with her teacher Eudes Correia in Portugal, and this helps her also to perfect unique technique of creating landscape sketches on tablet.

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